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Relentless preparations for the upcoming summer camp ‘Hoping Together’ by Refuah’ VeChaim for our special children, for a full week of fun and delight

As in every year, this summer too, we will host our special children for our summer camp, which will take place during the official vacation from the various special care institutes, this upcoming August.

The main goal and our top most important value of the summer camps in Refuah’ VeChaim is to make our special children happy. More than others, they critically need the emotional motivation and a warm and supporting spirit by their side; especially during the summer vacation when their siblings usually go out on trips or ‘normal’ activities such as the pool or beach. This is their time to be pampered in their own pace, in a place where devotion is the language. Refuah’ VeChaim gives the families who stay at home the strength to go on functioning and spending some time with the healthy siblings as well.

Everyone expects the upcoming camp. The parents would usually schedule the family’s vacation time to this timeframe window, as it is impossible to go out on vacation with the special child. Going on a much needed retreat and have some time to relax and renew their strength is crucial for a family with a special child, and it is much easier doing so, knowing that the special child is well taken care of and is having the time of his life.

This summer camp host children who are sick with the most complex ailments. These children are tended to in the ‘Intensive Care’ ward by the skilled and experienced team of senior volunteer nurses, as all the while a medical team is on premises so that in all cases; they are qualified to address any situation.

The summer camp will take place during August this year- the most asked for season by the parents, who wish (and deserve) to go on a vacation of their own, while their child is in good hands.


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600- A full day for an Autistic child in camp

900- A full day for a severely complex child in camp

3000- A full summer camp for a child

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