Projects and activities for the
sick and their families

Medical Advice and Consultancy

Refuah’ VeChaim declared it a goal to help patients with their journey through the complex medical system in Israel, after receiving a harsh diagnosis. Patients will be directed in the shortest time possible to the correct person or procedure. Thanks to that, precious time and money will be spared, usually where it is scarce to begin with.

Head of this dept., Rabbi Itschak Stern has no real visiting hours. For long parts of the day and night, he sees people trying to make the best of usually very complex medical situations. He is in constant touch with the top doctors and heads of departments in all the big hospitals in Israel, as well as the chief Rabbis; all in order to be able to help in the best way possible those who need urgent medical support in unforgiving times of uncertainty. The medical consultancy dept. receives 1,500 telephone calls monthly, including during Shabbat and holidays, when in matters of life and death.

Consultancy is given free of charge at all times, and relies on the blessed connection Rabbi Stern holds with top professors and doctors throughout Israel and abroad; for this exact purpose.

Light meals Distribution

and keeping her house as well as working… Hospitals are full with people who are not at their best time in life. Exhaustion, worry and fear intermix and at times the load is simply too heavy.

Into this constellation, Refuah’ VeChaim volunteers show up with a smile and a light meal for free distribution. The fresh sandwich and light drink will cheer up anyone staying at the hospital for a few hours. More often than not, candy will also be thrown in, to brighten up a gloomy day.

Spread out in 6 various hospitals daily, Refuah’ VeChaim volunteers walk around the wards and offer light meals and a beverage, free of charge. This brings on great relief to the parents who stay by the bedside of a hospitalized child, or other family members who stay at the hospital beside a loved one for long stretches of time; while the hospitalized patient is fed by the hospital and the family member accompanying them will usually stay hungry…

1,100 light meals are distributed every day by our volunteers.

Medical Equipment and Medicine Distribution

Refuah’ VeChaim holds millions of Shekels worth of medical equipment, intended for free distribution. Be it post operation or a long recovery period, the association lends 9,650 pieces of medical equipment every month to anyone in need. Furthermore, Refuah’ VeChaim puts up an on- call trained volunteer to answer urgent requests for medical equipment or medicine, should someone need something urgently at night.

The center is open at all hours of the day and night, coming in most handy when pharmacies are closed for the night.

If you ask us, the true medication is giving out acts of charity and kindness!

Inquiries per day to a medical consultation center

Disabled transportation per year

The medical equipment loans per year

Transporting Family Members to Hospitals

More often than not, many people in Israel suffer socioeconomic descent. When a family member undergoes a medical procedure that requires a long stay at the hospital, the patient, whether it is a child or an adult, needs a family member by his side. Many are unable to travel back and forth to hospitals by private or paid transportation and are at a loss for solutions. Two hundred Refuah’ VeChaim volunteers stand ready and take turns driving such people in need to and back from hospitals in their private vehicles, to relieve the pressure in such a hard time when a family member is hospitalized. Refuah’ VeChaim tends to about 170 such calls monthly.

Sick Visiting Society

Men and women volunteers are called in to stay by the bedside of the sick, bedridden, or people confined to a wheelchair. They visit, offer help, read together, talk, learn something together and apply any other way in which to be helpful.

It is truly a sight to see. A front door that has not opened or closed for quite some time, opens up and at the doorstep shows up a cheerful volunteer of Refuah’ VeChaim. He will open the window and let fresh air burst in, and ask: “Where can I be of help to you today”?

Every week, elderly and lonesome people get a house visit by our volunteers. Not everyone have family members who come to visit and help where needed. For those- we are there!

We are here to give!

Precisely in difficult times, we are here to help them cope. Hospital transportation to hospitals, joy at the hospital, medical consultation and extensive activities for the special children and their families. join us!