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About us-Refuah Vechaim

The Refuah Vechaim organization was founded in 1987.

with the mission of charitable voluntary health work within the community.

The whole year round we work constantly to bring happiness and health improvement to the sick, needy, and the special child- with love and belief that putting a smile on their face

relieves their misery and gives them a long-needed sense of happiness.
Our goal is to grant hearty warm help, and to lend a supportive helping hand to the needy and their families through a series of activities with hundreds of volunteers, 365 days a year; with an emphasis on giving with the whole heart, lots of hope and happiness because they truly deserve it!
We are happy to share the heartfelt effort of our workers and volunteers, in a score of activities, to meet our goal of lighting up the faces and the souls of those who desperately need it.

A word from the CEO

“Greater is the one who smiles at a fellow friend, more than one who will pour      him a glass of milk…”

Sometimes it is hard to believe that a genuine smile from the heart within is     worth much more than a cold glass of water to a man walking thirsty in the   desert.

As one who heads an association which operates in all its activity towards     medical benevolence in the community, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, I understand each day how right they were, our wise sages.

The laughter and smile we put on those special children’s faces or on the bed ridden or sickly elders, are the cold water we give them to drink and thus manage  to uplift their head and assist their march on their special journey.

Refuah’ Vechaim was established in 1977. I pray and hope every single day that I   will succeed to do my mission with honors, and respectfully represent this very special association.

With the help of our devoted volunteers who work during the days as well as    nights and willfully give up vacation days for this cause; with the support of our revered contributors, we support with a warm heart and a stretched arm, out to hundreds of thousands of people who experience a life that is neither simple nor pleasant, physically and emotionally.

We firmly believe that every special needs child and their families deserve the conditions to live a sound life, with many enjoyable moments of happiness.

We believe that every patient lying on a hospital bed deserves to be cheered up   and look towards tomorrow with hope.

We believe that even a patient who is defined by the medical institution as “terminal”, deserves the right to make a wish and even realize that wish.

We believe that family members who stay by the bedside of their patients and    have their days in complete disarray, deserve to rest and get their strength back,    so that they are able to cope with what they have on their plate already.

This is why we are here, and will continue to be here with all our might, G-d   willing.

Because we must make sure that the glass of milk is full and the smile is not ever wiped off their face, forever on.

With friendship,

Baruch Himmel, CEO


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We are here to help!

Precisely in difficult times, we are here to help them cope. Transporting patients to hospitals, joy in the hospital, support in bureaucracy and medicines, medical advice and extensive activities for the special children and their families. join us!

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