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About us-Refuah Vechaim

The Refuah Vechaim organization was founded in 1987, with the mission of charitable
voluntary health work within the community.
The whole year round we work constantly to bring happiness and health improvement to
the sick, needy, and the special child- with love, and belief that putting a smile on their face
relieves their misery and gives them a long-needed sense of happiness.
Our goal is to grant hearty warm help, and to lend a supportive helping hand to the needy
and their families through a series of activities with hundreds of volunteers, 365 days a year;
with an emphasis on giving with the whole heart, lots of hope and happiness because they
truly deserve it!
We are happy to share the heartfelt effort of our workers and volunteers, in a score of
activities, to meet our goal of lighting up the faces and the souls of those who desperately
need it.

CEO's statement

“The great one whitens his friend’s teeth more than he drinks milk…”

Sometimes it’s hard for us to understand, as humans, that a genuine smile from the heart is worth more than a glass of cool water to walk thirsty in the desert.

As someone who heads an association whose entire activity is medical kindness in the community 24 hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year, I am present and realize every day anew how right our sages were in their memory of the blessing.

The joy and smile that we manage to bring to the lives of special children, or patients in mild to terminal conditions and tired and depressed family members, are the ones that provide the cool water for their thirsty souls and make them raise their heads and continue on the path that awaits them.

In 1977, the “Medicine and Life” association was established – every day I pray in my mouth and hope beats in my heart, that I will be able to live up to my mission and represent the name of the association with honor. To give life where possible and in every possible way. With the help of the dear volunteers who make nights like days and give up vacation and rest days on their own initiative, and with the inexhaustible help of our important donors, we manage to support with a warm heart and an outstretched hand hundreds of thousands of people who are experiencing a life that is not easy at all physically and mentally.

We believe that for every child with limited needs as well as for his family members, conditions for a good life and beautiful moments of happiness come. We believe that every patient admitted to the hospital deserves to smile and be encouraged and look to tomorrow with hope. We believe that even a patient defined by flesh and blood as “terminal” deserves the right to express a wish and even make it come true. We believe that the members of the families who feed the sick and whose daily routine is completely disrupted, deserve to rest, gather strength to cope and satisfy the body and soul.

That is why we are here and will continue to be here with God’s help in full force. Because we must make sure that the glass of milk is full and that the smile does not fade from every face forever.

in friendship

Baruch Himel – General Manager


Leading companies in the economy cooperate with our activity, among them:

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