Unprecedented investment in assessments and preparations for the "Together in Hope" summer camp of "Medicine and Life" Special campers for a week of fun activities

After a difficult corona year which forced closures and distance on us, Medicine and Life again raises the flag of volunteering and giving and returns to full activity in the special camper wing, beyond the weekend vacations that are held once every three weeks, these days are organized for the big summer camp.

The main goal and the highest value of the summer camps of medicine and life is to make happy the special children who critically need mental motivation and a warm and supportive hand, especially during the vacation days, when the rest of the family spend time on trips or vacations, or then, the children are cared for with incomparable devotion. When medicine and life gathers strength to continue the ongoing function of dedication to the needs of healthy children as well. The expectation of the parents is also for themselves and the rest of the family, most parents wait for the camp dates to be set in order to go on the same time as the family vacation, which is not possible together with the disabled child, and therefore they combine their vacation according to the days of the camp for the special trainee in medicine and live knowing that their special child will also enjoy them moments and they too can afford a time-out to gather strength.

Children in difficult and complex situations join this camp. These children are treated in the “intensive care” department by the experienced and skilled team of senior volunteer managers, with a responsible medical team present on site who can and is qualified to provide first aid or treat medical cases whenever required.

The camp will be held this year in the month of August – the period requested by the parents who also want to go on vacation and know that their disabled child is getting an amazing vacation and is in the best hands.