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Weekend vacation

“When we invite our Tali for a weekend vacation at ‘Medicine and Life’, we immediately organize a Shabbat vacation for the whole family so that we all benefit: Tali enjoys the warm treatment she is given at any given moment, the activities spent and the happy atmosphere at the camp, and all her brothers and sisters enjoy father and mother who are free now R-K for them!”


Medicine and Life works a lot for the patients and their families through dozens of departments and hundreds of volunteers, but our flagship project is the organization of vacations for children with special needs. As part of them, the children enjoy an unforgettable experience, with a variety of activities adapted especially for them, when each child is assigned a volunteer who accompanies him throughout Shabbat.

Why do we do this?

The main goal is of course to make the special children happy, who critically need mental motivation and a warm and supportive hand. On Saturdays and vacation days, when the rest of the family also need quality time between themselves – which is almost impossible when there is a special child at home – that’s where we come into the picture!

The children are treated with unparalleled dedication. Children in difficult and complex situations are also included in this vacation. These children are treated in the “intensive care” department by an experienced and skilled team of senior volunteers, with a responsible medical team also present, qualified to provide first aid or treat medical cases whenever required.

Mom says:

“I was in the hospital, hospitalized after a severe monovirus, weak and exhausted, and busy. Busy about Audi. I was trying to think of where he could stay this coming weekend. Udi is a special child, and it is not easy to find a family that will host him for the entire period. On a daily basis, he is most of the time at his educational institution, and it is much easier to take care of him in the few hours remaining until he retires to sleep at night. But on the weekend – he is only at home, and everything is more complicated. As if from a dream – just like in the stories – I receive a phone call from the angels…. the volunteer of Medicine and Life called to announce the holiday this coming weekend!

I did not stop the tears of excitement that flowed from my eyes. How do they always know when they are needed?!”

In the last 3 cycles of summer vacationers:


Weekend camps a year

Vacation days during vacations and holidays

special trainees


Fulfillment of wishes

Rafi, a graceful boy with Down syndrome, approached the age of bar mitzvah without knowing if he would get to celebrate the big day with him.

He made a wish and the ‘Medicine and Life’ team complied, and organized a particularly exciting evening for him. A real Bar Mitzvah event, with a magnificent hall and an orchestra, a feast like a king, and what not? The guests also came in droves: volunteers who came to be happy and happy, of course all the friends and family, and even his favorite singer came to honor him! Not an eye was left dry, all those present were excited to see how it is possible to bring happiness and joy to a sick child, brighten his life full of struggles, and give him hope and strength to continue.

Itzik is a 9-year-old boy. Sweet, smart, and also sick. terminal. A boy who suffers all his life and faces a very difficult reality… Itzik had a distant dream – he wanted to fly! Fly in a real plane. However, it was almost unrealistic to think about fulfilling this dream, since Vaitzik is connected to many devices and his mobility is complicated, how can you fly like that?! But the volunteer who accompanies him at the weekend camps of ‘Medicine and Life’ heard from him about his wish, and contacted the organization’s wish-fulfillment department. The team granted the request and activated a huge logistical system, which also included the necessary bureaucratic procedures. And not long ago, we got to fulfill his life’s wish – Itzik flies to Europe! There are no words to describe the boy’s happiness, one can only imagine – the sky is the limit…


Many patients who are confined to their beds, limited in movement and mobility, and sometimes also terminally ill, seek to fulfill a wish in their lives. to participate in the joys of their loved ones, visit, travel, or just have fun.
At ‘Medicine and Life’ we joined this with desire and joy! The association’s volunteers, in careful coordination with the attending physician, arrive at the patient’s bedside and bring him to where his heart desires. We know and believe that smile and joy are the best medicine, how do we stop handing them out?

happy parties

We call them the “joy wing soldiers” of medicine and life. For 35 years, they have planted joy in places where other feet do not tread. Dozens of ‘parties’ are held in oppressed wards where souls lie shattered to pieces. Patients with broken hearts and minds are lying on a sick bed, when outside it is as if they have forgotten about them.

A full and perfect orchestra bursts into the dark wards, and to the sounds of music and singing, our soldiers dance, happy and joyful.

For about two hours, the ‘Joy Wing’ volunteers go from room to room, from ward to ward and from patient to patient and will flash a little light that will dispel much of the darkness. The patients and their families receive a dose of renewed energy and strength, and those who just before lay in pain, often even participate in the celebration. Science has not yet proven this, but we know that joy opens doors to hope, and dawn to health that will return.

Holiday camps for the special camper

On the days when there are no regular studies at the special boarding schools, during the summer days and during the holiday periods, the medical and living association organizes to welcome the sick children/with special needs with open arms. In these camps we enrich and nurture the special children in an adapted educational and social framework, with a close medical presence.

During these hours the child experiences recognition with new concepts, different thrills as well as motor activities. The motto that accompanies the team of volunteers is to give each camper a good and pleasant hour, along with the goal of relieving the parents during stressful times, so that they can be freed up for the other needs of the family.

The vacations organized by the association include fascinating programs and sessions, experiential shows and attractions, a challenge and fun! A dedicated team of drivers arrives to pick up the children and even return them home at the end of the holiday, refreshed and satisfied.

During the summer days, we run a holiday camp in several cycles with a character and style suitable for the needs of the “special child”. The holiday camps operate in holiday villages, in hotels and buildings qualified for this purpose, under the guidance of qualified staff and volunteers with a huge heart. This essential activity allows parents to continue to lead a normal life routine at work and in society and on vacation days, on days when the educational frameworks do not operate.

At the end of the holiday, the children return to a calm and embracing home, with light in their eyes and renewed strength to continue their challenging routine