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 A warm place to be for our special children and a break from the tough every day for the parents- Refuah’ VeChaim’s weekend retreats and summer camps.

Suddenly the eyes light up and hope comes in- another Refuah’ VeChaim team came to visit at the hospital!

A terminally ill patient’s last wish will be fulfilled, no matter the cost. Come and see the wish fulfillment department at Refuah’ VeChaim.

Without the tiring bureaucracy and completely free- lending medical equipment to anyone who needs it, with a warm wish for a Refuah Shleima!

Saving you the time and bother- any time during the day or night, relatives and disabled persons enjoy taxi service to the hospital at no charge!

Refuah’ VeChaim grants free medical consultancy to help direct the new patients towards the best care available; in the shortest time and maximum efficiency.

Holiday Saturdays a year

Once every three weeks we hold a weekend retreat for sick and disabled children

Food kits

The food kits are distributed every evening in 6 hospitals across the country

Trips to hospitals

People with disabilities, patients and their families, were driven to hospitals voluntarily

News and Events

News and events

Summer vacation 2022

Going on vacation? Having fun? Take me with you… Relentless preparations for the upcoming summer camp ‘Hoping Together’ by Refuah’ VeChaim for our special children,

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Fulfill their last wish...

A terminally ill patient will ask to fulfill a wish- whether it be to join the celebration in a family wedding, to visit a friend or to simply go for a day out; Refuah' VeChaim will do all that is possible to help fulfill that wish, with a great smile and warm compassion. It is now your turn to join us and fulfill someone's wish….